PHOTO: Wilbroda Posed Nude in a Bathtub and Social Media Couldn’t Cope

June 24, 2019

Apparently, former ‘Papa Shirandula’ actress Jacquey Nyaminde alias Wilbroda needs to leave some social media stunts to the likes of Akothee.

This is after the Milele FM radio presenter posted to her Instagram a seemingly risque picture that excited and irked netizens in equal measure. The snap, which Wilbroda shared with her over 160K Instagram followers on Saturday, captured the actress in a bathtub.

And while Nyaminde’s ladybits are covered in foam, the visible naked parts leave little to the imagination, which seemed to be a major turn off for some goody-two-shoes.

Without revealing much about the ‘photoshoot’, the mother of one captioned the photo telling people to take baths; “Watu waoge tafadhali!” she wrote.

Unsurprisingly, those who found the picture repulsive were mostly women, while the men appeared lost in imagination.

One female commenter wrote, “Wooiyee aki I didn’t see this coming from a mentor like you. ….anyway lemmi mind my own biznaa”

Another alluded that Wilbroda was lacking in dignity and setting a bad example too young Kenyan girls. She wrote, “Waaaa. ..hainihusu but honestly this lowers yr dignity. …we didn’t expect that from a noble lady like you!!!!lubish!!!! It pains wen we young gals see such nonsense from people we ought to emulate! !!!!!lubish …kwa raha zako lkn..huh.”

A third female Instagram user said, “Waah! Kuna vitu zingine they lower dignity.”

Another ‘dignity prefect’ added, “The dignity you have earned over time just get lost in a matter of split seconds,,to make it worse in a bath tub.”

“Hata wewe ukona ulubbish kama huu, anyway hainihusu,” wrote another.

Another imagined what they would in that bathtub; “Nkitupwa kwa hiyo maji by mistake, naeza fanya wonders chini ya hiyo pofu.”

“When I grow up I will be a cameraman,” another IG user chipped in.

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