My 1-year-old Daughter Got Burnt With Hot Water, Evaline Momanyi

June 12, 2019

Evaline Momanyi has broken her social media hiatus, revealing that she took a break from Instagram after her daughter was burnt with hot water.

Momanyi, a board member to the Africa Advisory Board of Save the Children UK, says she was at work when she was informed that her 1-year-old daughter Kwanza had been burnt.

The incident happened last week when baby Kwanza was under the care of a nanny.

“Well hello everyone. First of all, I am okay. Thanks for all the DMs asking if I’m cool. Its always good to take some time out. And to be honest, I’m very busy at work.?Mid last week, I got an accident in the house. I know when something happens to someone’s baby, guys are always like….how? I am so ‘routine and rule-based’ that when I got a call from work that Miss. K had got burnt with hot water….. I was like….WHAT! Yes, this happened.?‍♀️?,” Evaline Momanyi posted to Instagram.

She assured her fans that the baby is doing well, noting that the accident was as a result of the nanny’s “careless oversight”.

“It was an accident, but it was a careless oversight from my Nanny. ?But guess what, as I sat in hospital….everyone was shaking about what will happen when I go back home. Anyone who knows me, its not good to be around me when I’m angry. Guess what, I was calm…I didn’t even cause. I just said…. I hope this is a lesson,” narrated Janet Mbugua’s sister-in-law.

Momanyi further said she will share her lessons with other mums.

“Will share my lessons….but the biggest I have learnt as a mum…Accidents happen, but it can be also with YOU as the mum. I thank God, baby is okay and healing well. You want to know how kids are resilient…..see a baby with burn marks running around and living her best play life ?. Her nanny loves her and I saw how much it broke her heart and she was clear on the negligence on her part,” wrote Everline.

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