Kirinyaga county governor Anne Waiguru and her sweetheart Kamotho Waiganjo have set a date for their Kikuyu traditional wedding known as Ngurario.

Ngurario also know as gutinia kiande, is usually the final rite of passage during Kikuyu marriage processions in which the bride becomes part of the groom’s family. After Ngurario, the bride and groom are considered man and wife and there’s usually no need for a civil wedding.

Anne Waiguru and Kamotho Waiganjo have since sent out invites for their traditional wedding ceremony slated for July 13, 2019. This will take place at Kiamugumo Primary School, Kirinyaga.

Attendees are expected to confirm attendance by June 30 to aid the couple with preparations.

The former Devolution CS and the city lawyer held a secret dowry ceremony (Ruracio) on February 16, 2019.

“It was a beautiful ceremony. The time was right for us to take our relationship to the next level,” said Kamotho.

Kamotho, a former commissioner for Commission for Implementation of the Constitution (CIC), had proposed to Waiguru a few weeks earlier at the lavish Lord Eroll hotel in Runda, Nairobi.

Speaking about her love life for the first time in years, Waiguru said the engagement came as a surprise as they were just celebrating Waiganjo’s birthday when he proposed.

The lovebirds met a decade ago at a ferry in Likoni, Mombasa, with Kamotho noting he was impressed by how down to earth Waiguru was after they shared a simple meal of bread and Soda.

“I realised she was a basic girl,” he said.

He was impressed at how down to earth she was after they shared a simple meal of bread and Soda, and decided to pursue her further.

“I realised she was a basic girl,” he added.