God Showed Me That My Instagram Pictures Mean Nothing, Says Lisa Gaitho

June 19, 2019

Lisa Gaitho, the Kenyan vlogger who stunned Kenyans on social media in 2018 after she admitted to bathing her Nigerian partner, has turned over a new leaf. Ms Gaitho, who has since ended the relationship, is now saved and focusing only on God.

In a lengthy two-part series video on YouTube which has since been deleted, Lisa Gaitho recalled how she asked God to end the relationship if it was meant to end.

“I told God if you want this relationship to end you scatter it; you end it and I am not going to fight it. This was in September, literally from October I started having problems with family; the way things are being perceived and problems with my man. At the back of my mind, I knew what I needed to do,” said Gaitho.

Adding, “So I moved back to Kenya and things, I guess, progressed as they should have and so we ended the relationship.”

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According to the fashionista, the relationship is not the only thing God saved her from. She said the ‘Man Upstairs’ showed her that she was drowning in vanity and the need for admiration.

She said, “When God consumed me, He showed me one by one the things He’s working on in me, and vanity was among the top of the list. I enjoyed the admiration. I’d look at my pictures for ages trying to choose the best one.

“So while my vanity was being handled I was literally unable to take pictures of myself because He showed me they mean nothing. Outward appearance literally means nothing.”

In fact, Lisa Gaitho says she’s prepared to quit social media if God tells her to. She said she has refused to be a victim of the trappings of social media.

“How did I ever let myself get so caught up? Why do we care so much about nonsense and pay little to no attention to what really matters? Lol social media has been so effective in ruining people’s worth and priorities. But not me. Not anymore. I can now post without thinking twice about it. I can go without posting for months and actually wouldn’t mind if God told me to get off social media. It doesn’t have any hold on me. The enemy doesn’t have control of me and his toys don’t fascinate me anymore. My eyes have been opened and I see things as they are.

“GOD IS MY EVERYTHING not just thought or talk, my lifestyle proves it. The Holy Spirit is my witness and life has never been so beautiful! Self reflection has become my strong suit. Anything in me that does not serve/reflect my Father got evicted or is on strict notice! My flesh no longer has a say, only spirit..my Father’s. I’m in the world, but not of it. #TRUESUCCESS,” she concluded.

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