Zari Hassan Say’s She’s Open to Acting in Nollywood on One Condition

May 15, 2019

Zari Hassan has expressed her interest in becoming a movie star in the near future despite turning down several offers from Nollywood.

The mother of five clearly has what it takes to make it big on the movie screens but she is yet to make her debut.

In a recent interview, Zari disclosed that she has been getting offers from Nigeria but turned them down for one reason or another. Some of the movie roles required the mother of five to relocate to Nigeria while other offers never matched her rates.

For movies yes nimekuwa na offers kidogo from Nigeria, but the problem kidogo it needed me to move to Nigeria.,” Zari told Millard Ayo.

Adding, “Na shooting is not something you are going to do in a week, it takes a bit of time and some of the offers I declined because the time was too long and the money was not enough for me to leave my family, my work.”

Zari, however, noted that she is multitalented and would consider a movie role only if the offer was good.

“So ikitokea a good offer for movie why not. I’m talented and I can multitask,” stated Zari.

The South Africa based Ugandan businesswoman also ruled out going back to being a video vixen.

Video vixen I think I’m bigger than that honestly, mtu ata kama atanilipa pesa ngapi for me to be a video vixen. Yaani I’ve gone past that stage,” she said.

Zari further announced that she is engaged to be married to her South African lover King Bae. She said she will be revealing her customised engagement ring soon.

“Na very soon nitakuwa napata my own Bentley… it’s gonna be more of my engagement present. Nishafanya my engagement… My ring is being custom made coz I wanted something different and we are waiting for it to come out,” said Zari.

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