“Wachafu Clowns” – Zari Blasts Diamond’s Wasafi Crew

May 14, 2019

Zari Hassan has reacted to the latest remarks coming out of the Wasafi crew and Tanasha Donna.

The Kenyan radio presenter was over the weekend hosted at Wasafi FM in an exclusive interview that was shared live on various online platforms.

Tanasha was asked for a comment on the current situation between her lover Diamond Platnumz and Zari. The former partners have been in conflict on social media, with Zari accusing the Bongo star of being an irresponsible father to their two kids.

On his part, Diamond has been alleging that Zari has blocked the kids from visiting him in Tanzania.

Tanasha told Wasafi FM that she would like to meet Diamond’s kids with Zari and Hamisa. She advised Diamond and Zari to put their differences aside for the sake of the kids.

“They (kids) have nothing to do with everything that’s going on,” said Tanasha.

However, Zari, through her Instagram Stories, responded to the interview saying Wasafi team should spare her name from their shows.

“These wachafu clowns need to let me be. Damn!Y´all can´t stay without bringing up ma name. Am I like oxygen, you simply can´t breathe. Can you?” she posed.


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