Junior Nyong’o was Asked if He’s Gay or ‘Semenya-like’…This was His Response

May 15, 2019

The Nyong’o children – Lupita and her younger brother Peter Junior Nyong’o – have been causing a stir on social media after the Oscar winner was spotted getting cuddly with Janelle Monae at the Met Gala.

Lupita and Janelle(who identifies as pansexual) have been friends for years but their appearance together sparked rumors that they might actually be dating. Pictures and videos doing rounds online captured the two dancing closely and seemingly flirting with each other.

And then there is Junior Nyong’o, whose non-binary fashion sense has seen him become a topic of discussion on numerous instances.

All this has led to claims that the Nyong’o children are stressing their father Kisumu Governor Anyang Nyong’o.

“Kisumu Governor Anyang’ Nyong’o son is a woman & his daughter a man! What! a……..Bizarre! So wameamua tu kumaliza mzae kabisa n cancer is knocking enyewe money at times is shitty I’d rather die than live to see my kids emulating that Western f*cking culture,” wrote one @jamrick_m on Twitter.

This prompted a response from Nyong’o Junior who has never shied away from telling off trolls.

“You didn’t even have the COURAGE to @ me. At least I live my life with the self-love and confidence you’d only dream about. Simply hate to see it.”

In another interaction, a Kenyan on Twitter asked Junior what his sexual orientation was.

“Okay..so @JuniorNyongo just to put things clear for me with no intention of offending you..are you gay? A cross-dresser? transexual? Semenya-like? or just a man fascinated by female wear?” posed @jackrobinz.

Junior replied with a simple, “I’m a proud Luopean”

People really need to mind their own, don’t you think?

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