Dennis Okari Speaks on Allegations of Being a Deadbeat Dad

May 15, 2019

Last year, Dennis Okari made headlines after calling out ex-wife Betty Kyallo for exposing their daughter Ivanna on social media.

“My daughter does not deserve the kind of publicity she has been getting. She deserves to grow up quietly and no one, including myself as her father, should interfere with her rights to privacy,” said Okari.

This sparked a counteraccusation from Betty who claimed that Okari is a deadbeat father.

Then in February this year, Betty maintained that she is a single parent after one of her followers asked how she co-parents with Okari.

Betty also advised deadbeat dads saying, “Mungu anawaona. One day you’ll come back because these kids you sire and run away are always blessed.”

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But Okari now says that there are a lot of untruths being peddled about him by people who don’t know him.

“I will not discuss family now, but at some point, I will speak because so many things have been written about me, but people who say those things don’t know me well,” Okari told Word Is.

He added, “I have friends who know me very well and they get concerned when they read these things.

“The question about me being a deadbeat is what has been said or what has been written, but a lot of it is not true. One day you will come to know about these things.”

The media personality also spoke about how he handles trolls and critics on social media.

“You can never live without critics,” he said.

Adding, “I choose what I take because people may troll you out of jealousy while others may mean well and they want you to improve on what they are criticising you about. I take the positive ones seriously and that has helped me improve so much in life because I am not perfect.”

“Some people just want to vent and to unleash that on you through trolls, because we are living in a world that is so cruel and hurting,” he concluded.

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