Diana Marua: I Have Dated Richer Men Than Bahati

May 16, 2019

Ever since Bahati and Diana Marua went public about their relationship, they have had a hit and miss relationship with their fans.

There are those who make it their daily duty to remind the couple of its 5-year-age difference. Then there are those who are convinced that Diana Marua is with the singer for his fame and money.

In her interview with ‘True Love’ magazine, Diana Marua addressed the latter topic saying Bahati is godsent, literally.

She disclosed that she has dated well-off people before who would have spoiled her silly.

“Others say I want him for the money. Even he laughs about that. If it was about money I would be with well-off people I have dated who would have offered me a lot, including cars. With Bahati, I asked God for someone who would love me genuinely and Bahati was the man I knew I wanted to grow and build a legacy with,” Diana said.

The mother of one who is said to be heavy with her second child maintained that her age difference with Bahati is no biggie.

“People have pointed out that he is younger than me. When we started out, it did not bother me because Bahati is more mature than most men older than me in his thinking,” Diana told True Love Magazine.

An excerpt from the May edition of the magazine indicated that Diana Marua is 30 years old.

“Diana Marua was born to a Luo father and Kikuyu mother 30 years ago. Her father worked in a private hospital in the city while her mother was a housewife,” reads the excerpt.

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