Watch: Bahati Drops New Song with EMB Records’ New Signee

April 11, 2019

Following the mass exodus of artistes from EMB Records, it’s founder Bahati has tapped gospel singer Danny Gift as the new face of the label.

This is in line with Bahati’s mission to support at least one upcoming artiste each year. Bahati officially unveiled Danny Gift in a dinner event dubbed ‘EMB Rebirth’ at the KICC on Wednesday night, April 11.

Word on the street had it that Bahati has signed Danny Gift for a decade but this remains unverified information. It is also alleged that Danny Gift is already regretting the decision to ink the deal.

However, there was no sign of discord between Danny Gift and his perceived boss from hell as they teamed up to premiere their highly anticipated collab.

The track is titled ‘Fanya’, a prayer song calling on God to make something happen in times of need.

There doesn’t seem to be too many negative reviews of ‘Fanya’, with Danny Gift in particular earning plaudits for his talent.

Check out ‘Fanya’ below. Rating 7/10.

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