The Top Stories on the Internet Today (Thursday April 25)

April 25, 2019

A look at today’s top news headlines.

Live updates: Sri Lanka investigates Easter bombings

What we’re covering here What we’re covering here What happened: A wave of deadly blasts hit Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. Authorities now say there were nine suicide bombers, and have arrested around 60 people in a nationwide investigation. Early warnings: India’s intelligence services warned Sri Lankan officials of potential attacks — based on information gleaned from an ISIS suspect.

Israeli soldiers shoot blindfolded, handcuffed Palestinian as he tried to flee

Israeli soldiers shot a blindfolded, handcuffed Palestinian teenager who had been arrested on suspicion of taking part in disturbances as he tried to flee.

Kim Jong Un arrives in Vladivostok ahead of summit with Putin

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has arrived in Vladivostok ahead of his planned summit with Vladimir Putin, Russian state news agency TASS reported Wednesday.

Death toll rises to 16 after 6.1-magnitude earthquake in Philippines

At least 16 people have died after the Philippines was rattled by two major earthquakes, authorities said on Tuesday.

Saudi Arabia executes 37 people, crucifying one, for terror-related crimes

Saudi Arabia has executed 37 men convicted of terror-related crimes, the kingdom’s official news agency said Tuesday.

US accuses pair of stealing GE secrets and passing them to China

The US government has alleged that a GE engineer and Chinese businessman stole tech secrets with the intention of passing them onto Beijing.

At least 28 hippos found dead in Ethiopia’s national park

The bodies of at least 28 hippopotamuses have been found in Ethiopia’s national park in the southwest of the country, local media reported Monday.

What Donald Trump’s unsettlingly erratic 24 hours on Twitter tell us

It’s hard to even imagine President Donald Trump’s Twitter addiction getting worse, but we may be living through just that right now.

‘Jeopardy!’ contestant wins again, bringing his total to more than $1 million

James Holzhauer won $118,816 on Tuesday’s “Jeopardy!” episode. That brought his total earnings on the Alex Trebek-hosted show to $1,061,554. He’s the second person in the show’s history to earn more than $1 million in the regular season.

South Africa floods kill 51

Floods and mudslides in the South African city of Durban and the wider KwaZulu-Natal province have killed at least 51 people, officials say. President Cyril Ramaphosa has flown into the region to visit the affected areas. Southern and eastern parts of the country have been badly hit by torrential rain in the last few days.

Sudan army ‘will not attack protesters’

The head of Sudan’s military transitional council has told the BBC the army will not use force against protesters who want it to leave power. Lt-Gen Abdel Fattah Abdelrahman Burhan spoke as African leaders extended their ultimatum for the military to organise a return to civilian rule.

UK to allow Huawei to help build 5G

The government has given Chinese telecoms giant Huawei the go-ahead to supply equipment for the UK 5G data network despite senior ministers warning it poses a security risk. The Daily Telegraph reports the company will help build some “non-core” parts. The plan was said to have worried the home, defence and foreign secretaries.

How the paparazzi make their money

Santiago Baez has been a paparazzo since the early 1990s. Camera in hand, he’s witnessed the fallout of extramarital affairs, new babies, deaths, new love and breakups of some of New York’s most famous residents.

How did the qwerty keyboard become so popular?

It isn’t easy to type “QWERTY” on a qwerty keyboard. My left-hand little finger holds the shift key, then the other fingers of my left hand clumsily crab sideways across the upper row. Q-W-E-R-T-Y. There’s a lesson here: it matters where the keys sit on your keyboard.

‘Avengers: Endgame’ is an amazing flex by Marvel

Avengers: Endgame is not the best Marvel movie ever made. It’s not the prettiest or the funniest; it won’t blow your mind with new ideas or complicated character development. But it is the most Marvel movie ever made, and there’s something incredible about that.

Tesla Model S and Model X ranges get big upgrades

Tesla is giving its Model S and Model X cars much-needed boosts – just as its older offerings have seen sales languish. Range and charging capabilities will be upgraded in both, the carmaker announced in a blog post Tuesday. Tesla is also bringing back a cheaper version of the cars that don’t have as much range.

‘Avengers: Endgame’ reviews praise an epic, emotional conclusion

Nothing will prepare you for Avengers: Endgame. The culmination of over 10 years of MCU movies will release in a matter of days but until then, spoiler-free reviews of it are finally in. Mashable’s own Angie Han has dubbed it Marvel’s biggest flex, and understandably so.

Twitter co-founder subtweets Jack Dorsey into dust following Trump meeting

The subtweet is coming from inside the house. Twitter co-founder and CEO Jack Dorsey was on the receiving end of a not-so-subtle own today following an April 23 Oval Office meeting with Donald Trump. It seems that Biz Stone, one of the company’s original co-founders, doesn’t think too highly of the CEO’s justification for meeting with the President.

Snapchat just grew for the first time in a year

Is it too soon to call this a turnaround? Maybe, but things are starting to look up for Snap. The company just reported its results for the first quarter of 2019 and delivered investors some long overdue good news: Snapchat added new users for the first time in a year.

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