‘Taka Taka’ Hitmaker Drops New Hit But Fans Think It’s “Taka Taka”

April 30, 2019

His troubles with KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua aside, new kid on the block Alvindo has failed to impress Kenyans with his follow up release.

Alvindo is currently locked in a standoff with Mr Mutua after KFCB banned his viral breakout hit, ‘Taka Taka’ (Swahili for Trash), a few weeks ago. The artiste and his producer KRG the Don defied the order and re-released another video of the banned song on youtube.

They have since been summoned to appear before the Kenya Film Classification Board before May 2 or risk prosecution.

As we wait for a development on the saga, Alvindo and KRG have dropped ‘Kunguni’ (bead bug). Fans are saying the song is as bad as it sounds.

In the track, Alvindo basically says he is sweet and that is why bedbugs love him. It’s no wonder that Youtube users are making their displeasure known.

“Hiii n upuzi hakuna kufichana ?????grow up hii kitu haezi hit,” one Harman Jutto wrote.

“Nikuitie yule EX yako akukatae tena,” Michael Maina added.

James Chege said, “Hii ujinga ndo labda ilifanya akataliwe na dame wake.”

“Hii ngoma ni takaaa taka taka takaaa!!” wrote KKLit 420.

In all honesty, ‘Kunguni’ is three minutes of your life you will never recover and I apologise in advance.

Give ‘Kunguni’ a listen below as we wait to see what madness will come out of its video.

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