‘Gudi Gudi’ Hitmaker Wants to Date, Marry Vera Sidika

April 30, 2019

Nairobi-based socialite Vera Sidika has a new admirer in Kenyan musician and producer Jegede.

Propelled to fame by the track ‘Gudi Gudi’, Jegede has been one of the fastest rising music acts in the country. He has professed his love and admiration for the video vixen saying it is not just a publicity stunt.

“First of all, it’s not a stunt, I am very serious,” said the ‘Pare Pare’ singer.

“I’ve been admiring this girl for a long time, and I am not looking for a kiki. There is a way I am seeing men using this girl the wrong way. I will love her like she is supposed to be loved.”

Jegede, real name Jackson Rakama, vowed to do everything for Vera, including marrying her, in case she agrees to be his woman.

“We’ve met a couple of times in the studio and in a video shoot, but she was in a relationship then. Now she is single, so I want to date her and even marry her,” he added.

The hitmaker is currently promoting his new song ‘Bujubuju’, featuring his stylist, which he says fuses music and fashion.

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