“Stop Stressing Men Over Beauty Products,” Akothee Slams Kenyan Women With High Demands

March 15, 2019

Kenyan women are losing potential husbands because of having high demands that are out of reach for most men, Akothee has stated.

The self-proclaimed president of single mothers has slammed women who make unreasonable demands over beauty products.

Taking to her Instagram account on Thursday, Akothee shared some of her well-known nuggets of wisdom on life and relationships. She called on women to stop stressing men over beauty products.

While advocating for ‘Team Natural’, the outspoken musician revealed that she spends a measly Sh200 on her hair despite being one of the wealthiest personalities in showbiz.

“My hair actually costs Sh200 and I am madam boss. You are busy taking loans to put expensive hair and you say you have stress, it’s called misplaced priorities. You better take that loan to put up a grocery business,” Akothee says in a video.

She captioned the video:

“Women are losing potential husbands because of the higher demand of a lifestyle. In Kenya, we have majority of people living from hand to mouth, left with nothing to save even for the future. Don’t come on my wall to encourage women to buy stuffs they cant afford. A woman is beautiful in her natural skin, the rest is luxury.

Take a loan if you so wish to put up a business, not to fund a lifestyle. Anyway, it’s your life! But we care because your failure will affect your community and the country at large. Be realistic and sober when reading my captions, no average Kenyan man, earning salary of 100k will buy you weave for 85k unless he is a thief ??, call police.

“Stop stressing men over beauty products, then you come to boast for us with someone’s sweat, you losing it ???? #teamnatural, he will buy it and never pick your calls again ????, then you will say your girlfriend snatched or poisoned your man because she was jealous of your weave??, but I don’t say you walk around looking dirty, no, there is crisis in relationships because of high expectations. People are not looking for relationships people be looking for help ????.”


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