“What My Mother’s Stroke Has Taught Me,” Pinky Ghelani Opens Up As She Turns 43

February 19, 2019

Award-winning media personality Pinky Ghelani turned one year older on Monday, 18, but it wasn’t a perfect birthday. The UNHCR influencer wished her mother would heal miraculously.

In a moving Instagram post, Pinky Ghelani revealed that her mother suffering a stroke gave her new lease of life.

“The only thing that would make this day perfect is my mum miraculously healing! But I know it’s her journey and I know it’s mine too. But I have to say she is my biggest teacher. Since mum got ill I go big on birthdays, in fact, every day is big!” reflected Pinky.

Pinky Ghelani further revealed that her mother’s illness has taught her to remain true to herself.

“Her stroke has taught me to be unapologetic in being me. To celebrate – time, people, essence, life, laughter, love, challenges, sadness, silliness, passion, insanity, fulfillment, emptiness, emotions, drive, craziness, hurt, Magic, sameness, differences, opposites, sparkles, sprinkles, divinity, unity, passion – yeah you get the picture- everything!”

She added: “This is 43! Growth and becoming ?? Happy Random Act of Kindness Day! Make sure you CELEBRATE.”

While celebrating her mother’s birthday in June last year, Pinky Ghelani opened up about the stroke and how hard it has been for her.

“The day she had a stroke I knew a huge chunk of her had gone…I wish things were so different! I miss her so much as much as she is right here with me…I pray for her healing daily and for that miracle…I learn to love her unconditionally in her new state, it’s hard…it’s challenging because I’m still confused as to this ‘new normal’…I look for that chunk that was lost everyday. Happy birthday, warrior woman! My soulmate…come back to me”

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