“Waiguru Case is Not Special.” EACC Boss on Governor’s Letters

February 28, 2019

EACC Boss Twalib Mbarak has aimed a sly dig at Anne Waiguru for sending six letters to the anti-graft commission demanding the findings of the infamous Sh791 million NYS scandal.

Speaking during an interview with Citizen TV anchor Hussein Mohammed, Mbarak said EACC is working on a handful of other cases and, therefore, Waiguru’s matter is not special.

“The case is being handled. She will get feedback through the normal process. There is no need to rush just because she is a governor.

“Her case is not special,” Mbarak told Hussein.

This comes after Anne Waiguru put the commission on the spot in a social media post lamenting the EACC’s delay in releasing the findings of the Kabura affidavit.

Waiguru said that on 14th February 2019, she wrote her sixth letter to EACC and second to the DPP. In the letter, the former Cabinet Secretary said EACC had already ascertained that NYS scandal suspect Josephine Kabura gave a false affidavit.

“My 6th letter to EACC and 2nd to DPP requesting them to make public the findings of the Kabura affidavit 3 years have lapsed.”

“Since then, there has been no progress on the matter and Kenyans are still in the dark about why Kabura lied and on whose instructions she undertook to perjure herself,” said Ms Waiguru.

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