Man Splashes 60K on Newspaper Ad to Celebrate Wife on Valentine’s Day

February 15, 2019

The day that’s dreaded by men worldwide and loved in equal measure by women – Valentine’s Day – finally came to pass yesterday.

One of the stand-out romantics of the lover’s day was a man who splashed Sh60,000 for a newspaper advertisement celebrating his wife.

The ad appeared on Page 7 of the Star newspaper. It was poetically penned by a mysterious Casanova identifying himself as The Hubz and addressed to his wife, Double Biscuit alias Mrs M.

The Hubz starts with a smooth line, gushing: “Me loving you is not news but I’ll put it in a newspaper anyway.”

The smooth operator goes ahead to liken his Double Biscuit to some of his favorite things.

Mr writes:

“If you were an estate you would be Milimani. If you were a birthday, you would be the 13th of September. If you were my dream car you would be a Mercedes G-wagon.

“If you were a TV character you would be Fallon. If you were a ridge, you would be Vipingo. If you were my favourite date you would be the 11th August. if you were a travel destination you would be Dubai.

“If love is blind then I lost my eyesight seven years ago. If marriage is hard then hard is what I want for the rest of my life. If I were to choose again I would still choose you. I’m not Kenyatta but you are my Ngina.

“I loved you then, love you now and will love you forever… Happy Valentines Mrs. M.”

What did you do for your significant other yesterday?

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