Betty Kyallo Calls Out Pulse Magazine For Fabricating Interview About Dennis Okari Wedding

February 25, 2019

Betty Kyallo is not happy with the Standard Media tabloid ‘Pulse’ for fabricating an interview she did last year to suit the current state of affairs – Dennis Okari’s wedding.

In the interview, Pulse editor Steve Muendo allegedly twisted an interview they did seven months ago and made it sound like it was after Okari’s wedding to Naomi Joy.

According to Betty, the writer, whom she considered a friend, even added comments to the interview about the wedding, which she never said in the original interview.

“What a shame Pulse Magazine. You used an interview I did 7 months ago just to make a story relevant now. How unprofessional and uncouth. Steve Muendo we did an interview August last year, but in this article you deliberately decided to make it sound like we did the interview recently which is misleading and a lie.

“Even fabricated lies about what I said in the last one week just to make a connection to unrelated event. What a shame for a publication like yours,” fired Betty.

In one of the supposed false questions, the writer asks Betty: “Did you call to wish Dennis and his new found love a happy marriage during their wedding?”

To which Betty is said to have responded: “It was their wedding and their private day, not mine. They are happy and I don’t know if it would make a lot of difference if I tried to involve myself.”

Betty also noted that she never discussed with the publication about her trip to Enashipai Resort and Spa in Naivasha with a supposed romantic interest on the same weekend Dennis Okari was getting married.

In the interview, Pulse supposedly posed: You seemed to have had a lovely time at Enashipai Resort that same weekend with, was that your new boyfriend? with Betty responding: “I moved on and it’s not like I was sitting here waiting for Dennis to come back. That door was closed. I have a life and what was happening at Enashipai is part of it. I honestly had a good time there.”

While calling out the magazine on her Instagram page, Betty also stated the pictures tagged in the article were from a recent event.

Some of the pictures You used Were from a recent event I attended, you referred to a trip and supposed relationship that I’ve never discussed with you. I just want to tell the public that I didn’t comment recently on any of the things in this article and that the writer Steve whom I actually considered a friend fabricated a lot of this article. The last time I spoke to the writer on a professional level was in August 2018 during a previous recorded interview but he’s used that to fabricate a story relevant For now. Just unfortunate and disappointing!”

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