Watch: Tanasha Donna was Scared ‘AF’ when Meeting Diamond’s Mother

January 15, 2019

Meeting the partner’s parents and family for the first time is without a doubt one of the most nerve-racking things to do in a developing romantic relationship.

For Kenyan babe Tanasha Donna, it was not any different as her man, Diamond Platnumz, finally took her to meet his mother, Mama Dangote.

According to the Bongo star, the petite Kenyan radio presenter “was scared as F***” when she met her in-laws over the weekend.

The musician posted video clips of the meet up at his palatial home in Tanzania dubbed State House.

In one video, Tanasha can be seen trying to muster enough courage to get past the door. When she finally does, Tanasha is welcomed by Diamond’s elder sister, Esma Platinumz, who hugs her.

In the second clip, Tanasha was once again spotted looking quite nervous as she stalls on the door leading to the kitchen where Mama Dangote was.

“Somebody met my family for the first time leo…she was Scared as F……..??” wrote Diamond Platnumz.

The videos end with the family sharing a meal at the dining table.

Check them out below.

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