Watch: Bahati New Music Video Shot in South Africa

January 31, 2019

Gospel star Bahati has finally released his highly anticipated first project of 2019.

Dubbed ‘Nyota’, Swahili for star, the track has left Bahati’s fans confused as he sings about being indebted to Jesus who died on the cross for him.

At the same time, Bahati sings that he has been looking for his star while featuring a video vixen in the music video released on Wednesday afternoon.

This has made fans of the singer question why he needed a video vixen to feature in visuals of a song supposedly sung to praise God. Some wondered if the star he is singing about is the girl or God while others claimed the song is more secular than gospel.

One YouTube user, Kanini Martin, commented: “You are now 2nd trending Secular artist Right now, willy Paul makes the 1st… Gospel aachia wenyewe, Hakuna vile unaeza sema Mungu ni Nyota na umeshoot Video na Dame, ain’t a hater but hii nayo sio Gospel….. Mapenzi imewaeza kweli vijana.”

“A good song but you don’t need to have that lady she’s bringing confusion to the theme of that good song,” said kobejeyro.

A concerned Samson Murimi advised: “Baha lakini young gospel artists acheni kwenda mkitoka kwa maandiko sana,mnajaribu kubadilisha gospel inakaa secular like.stick to one side,review songs za hapo mwanzo na saa hii.”

Watch ‘Nyota’ below. We are rating this 4/10.

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