Nyce Wanjeri: Ex-hubby was Disrespectful and Never Met my Parents

January 24, 2019

Award-winning Kenyan TV, film, and stage actress Nyce Wanjeri has finally spilled the beans on her failed 9-year marriage to Titus Wainaina “Tito Wagithomo”.

Last November, Wagithomo stirred the pot when he took to Facebook to announce the end of their marriage. He alluded that the cause of all the trouble in their relationship started when Nyce’s acting career took off.

The announcement came just two months after Nyce Wanjeri won Best Actress-Comedy Movie/TV Series award at the 2018 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards (AMVCA), which in turn ushered a flurry of endorsement deals and better acting offers.

While Tito may have deleted the post and indicated that they were working to fix their marriage, it appears that the damage is irreparable.

Nyce Wanjeri has finally told her side of the story, accusing Tito of, among other things, disrespecting her.

Speaking to Massawe Japanni on Radio Jambo, the mother of one said: “It is true we broke up, just like he[Tito] said. Every marriage has its teething problems. Every partner in a relationship has a side to him or her that causes friction in the union. I do not want to say [we broke up] as a result of me challenging his position as a man in the union. I won’t say much because you never know what happens in the lives of people who share a blanket together; so much goes on between them.”

The award-winning actress added that she started noticing serious elements of disrespect in Tito when they were seven years in the relationship.

“Money began flowing in; for him and I. It was at that point that I started noticing serious elements of disrespect in him. Of course, there were pockets of disrespect before, but after crossing the 7-year line, the degree of disrespect in him ballooned. I felt it was getting worse by the day, and I could feel it was weighing me down,” she said.

“There are a lot of issues I’m not ready to talk about but the first one was disrespect among other things. A lot of people handled it depending on how he (Waitomo) posted it and blamed it on my success but that is not true, money comes and goes, material things are nothing. The most important thing in a relationship is love and respect,” the former ‘Auntie Boss’ actress told Massawe.

Nyce also revealed that they could not seek the help of their parents because Tito had never met her parents.

“We couldn’t seek our parents’ intervention because he has never visited my parents, neither has he even met them. We had planned, in the course of the relationship, that he would visit my parents and formally ask them to bless our union. I asked him, several times, why he wasn’t even mentioning to me about plans of visiting my parents… On my end, however, he introduced me to his parents.”

“I say when someone disrespects you today, tomorrow and the day thereafter, and he is not showing any signs of changing for the better, you would, of course, get tired of his or her disrespectful habits. And, you realise his disrespectful habits, when you mature mentally,” added Wanjeri.

The two were blessed with one child, a daughter.

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