Al-Shabaab Imposter Blames Bhang for Raising False Alarm on Terror Attack

January 24, 2019

A middle-aged man is in the corridors of justice for allegedly providing police with false information about a planned terror attack in Nairobi.

29-year-old Kelvin Kitili Julius alias Omar Ali Ibrahim, was Wednesday charged in a Nairobi court for allegedly offering the false confession claiming he was a member al-Shabaab terror group.

The Milimani court heard that Mr Kitili placed police on high alert on January 1 by claiming to have special information on possible attacks in the Capital City Nairobi.

According to the State Prosecutor, the accused told police officers at Lehley police roadblock in Wajir on January 1 that he and “other terrorists” were planning to attack vital installations in Nairobi.

The accused was charged with providing false information to a public officer which is classified as a misdemeanor under Section 129 of the Penal Code and offenders are liable to imprisonment for three years.

Mr Kitili was also charged for claiming that he had travelled to Somalia.

The suspect pleaded guilty to charges of lying to police. In his defence, Kitili told the court that he made the confession while under the influence of bhang.

Police asked for more time to interrogate him before his sentencing.

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