Jua Cali’s Son Undergoes Successful Surgery – PHOTOS

January 22, 2019

The firstborn son of Kenyan rapper Jua Cali has had his life changed following successful surgery on his eyelid to correct ‘Ptosis’.

‘Ptosis’ is when the upper eyelid droops over the eye; unilateral ptosis is when it affects one eye and bilateral ptosis occurs when it affects both eyes.

Jua Cali’s son, Evans, was born with unilateral ptosis, making his life more difficult in more ways than one. His mother Lilly Asigo last year took to social media to complain after a school worker pinched Evans and told him to stop looking at him with a bad eye.

On 13th December 2018, however, Evans went under the knife to correct the condition. According to his mother, Evans’ life has changed for the better.

Jua Cali’s wife took to social media to pen a heartfelt post celebrating the good news.

I remember fighting back tears everytime someone asked me about my son’s eye condition..you can imagine the countless times both the kids and adults asked him about it. When Doreen came, he asked why she has round eyes and not like his. The same happened when Abby came. That question seems easy to answer but it wasn’t. He Slowly started refusing to take pics and would shy off when you keep eye contact. He likes running and He used to fall down every now and then and I knew something was wrong! He had to lift his droopy eyelid or tilt his head to improve his vision BUT NOT ANYMORE!!! Thanks to the almighty God and the amazing medical team we got. On the 13th of December 2018, his life changed for the better. His self esteem has improved so much since and he says God and his ophthalmologist are the best! Couldn’t be happier as parents.”

While Jua Cali posted: “I love you son. You and I should write a book.”

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