Student who sat KCPE Four Times Finally Joins High School

January 22, 2019

A needy learner who has repeated the final year of his primary school education over the last four years for a lack of school fees has finally joined high school.

Nyakio Richard Julius, 16, from Gitare, Gilgil first sat his KCPE in 2015 scoring 311 marks. He then moved to Narok and sat the exams again in 2016 attaining 335 marks.

But despite his average performance, he was still not able to report to any secondary school forcing him to repeat again. In 2017, he attained 342 marks out of a possible 500.

Richard’s plight was shared by Gilgil MP Martha Wangari on social media. She said that the student repeated again last year and scored 371 marks, gaining admission to Gitare day school.

The MP said she was able to track the student as he was being admitted to Gitare and later helped him secure admission to Koelel High School, a boys boarding school located in Gilgil location, Nakuru County.

Read Martha’s full post below.

“The story of Nyakio Richard Julius Is heartbreaking. The 16 yr old originally from Gitare first sat his KCPE in 2015 and scored 311 marks. He moved to Narok and sat again in 2016 attaining 335 marks. Still not able to report to School because of his background he resat in 2017 and attained 342 marks….

“Still not lucky he did again in 2018 and attained 371 marks.

“One of my team members found him being admitted in Gitare a day school accompanied by his old grandmother.

“He was brought to my office and we are happy that today he has joined Koelel High school and is beyond himself with joy.”

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