Comedian YY Opens Up on Abusive Relationship with Late Father

January 28, 2019

Comedian Oliver Otieno who is better known as YY is a household name in the Kenyan comedy industry but his personal life has always been a mystery.

The Homa Bay born comedian had a rather troubling childhood as a result of an abusive father. YY made the revelation during an interview with Radio Jambo’s Massawe Japanni.

He narrated how his father, now deceased, was an alcoholic who used to assault his mother. YY, being the firstborn, said he always tried to come in between them in an attempt to protect his mother.

“When I was growing up my dad was kind of abusive. I was a kid in the middle. Nilikuanaonaga saa zingine akifika home anaanza kuchapa mathe, sometimes anakuja kama amelewa so ikaleta a very strong bond between me and my mom.

“Sometimes naona akipiga mathe nago inbetween nafeel I could do something alafu narushwa uko. I think maturity saa zingine inaingianga mtu depending on the experiences not the age. So nikaanza kuona how I can help my mum…Akiosha vyombo naenda naosha ata kama naosha vibaya,” narrated YY.

Massawe Japanni also asked YY: “When he died knowing what kind of man he was how did it change your life?”

The comedian responded: “Before then I used to think maybe if dad was here things would be better. But then I remembered zile shida alipitisha mama yangu na ningependa sana mama yangu aishi mazuri sana, afurahie. Not just my mom but wanawake wote. Ningependa sana wanawake wote waheshimiwe.”

He added: “Wanume wote tuheshimu wanawake. Kama huwezi kua na mwanamke muache. Achilia mwanamke, usimpige mwanamke.”

On how he got his stage name, the comedian said that it was his father’s and he wanted to keep his outgoing nature and legacy alive.

“YY was my dad’s name. It is a nickname that he was given by his Kalenjin friends. YY is someone who is outgoing, someone that doesn’t stay at one place… He used to live here in Nairobi…My dad, however, passed away when I was in standard three, so I decided to let his legacy live,” said YY.

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