Nairobi MCA of ‘Mapiripiri..Kirimino’ Fame Eyeing Esther Passaris Seat in 2022

September 27, 2018

Nominated MCA Mary Njambi, whose popularity skyrocketed after her troubles with pepper spray during the forceful eviction of Beatrice Elachi, could be the next Nairobi Woman Representative.

The Makadara-based legislator has declared her interest in the seat currently held by Esther Passaris.

Njambi, who was at the heart of efforts to evict Elachi, says she is not bothered by the newly acquired fame. In the viral video, she was heard lamenting Elachi’s use of pepper spray on MCAs after they stormed her office on September 10.

“How can you be a speaker na unawekea MCA wako mapiripiri kwa macho… Si hiyo ni kirimino?”

Speaking about the incident, Njambi denies any wrongdoing in the incident, saying she was the victim.

“Navile mnanichapa nyinyi watu wa media, badala nyinyi mnitetee na mliona vile nilipigwa na pilipili, nyinyi mnaona nikama mimi nilikosea,” she said.

“I did not expect it to go viral but I actually do not care that much. None of my family members has asked about the video but for those who have watched it, they laughed and moved on.”

Speaking about her credentials, Njami said she helps clean the city and ensures schoolchildren do not miss school for lack of fees or uniform.

“I am a hard worker and it’s clearly illustrated by the fact that I have been nominated twice,” she said.

“Honestly, I think I will be vying for the woman representative seat come 2022. I have been in the forefront of fighting for women and the youth. One thing, I am a mobiliser who oversees the ‘Ng’arisha Jiji’ initiative. Another thing I pride myself in is that I ensure children don’t miss school by using my own money and also sourcing for bursaries and scholarships.”

Njambi was also proposed to replace Elachi as Nairobi Assembly Speaker but she dropped out of the race to support the eventual acting speaker, Ngara MCA Chege Mwaura.

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