Naiboi: Victoria Kimani and Avril Snubbed me

September 12, 2018

Kenyan hitmaker Naiboi is currently ruling the airwaves with his latest creative masterpiece, 2 in 1.

The feel-good track also boasts a creatively shot and simplistic video that features a host of Kenyan singers and showbiz players. In two weeks since its release on YouTube, it has amassed over 400K views.

Speaking about the trending video, Naiboi said his main idea was to have as many local artistes as possible so that all fans can come together in support of Kenyan music.

However, some local artistes flat out snubbed his request to appear in the video, including Victoria Kimani and Avril.

Speaking in a radio interview, Naiboi said the two female stars did not even bother to give him an answer after he requested them to appear in his video.

The hitmaker is, however, happy with the outcome of the video that was shot on almost zero budget.

“There was no budget. Most of the videos were sent to me via phone or email, and even for the editor, I just bought him lunch. I would say it was a zero budget song,” said Naiboi.

“It’s a good feeling to have my song trending, though unexpected because before I did the video, we had a conversation with Nyash and it was a concern that not many Kenyan songs were trending by then, and so I wanted as many artistes as possible to help push our music.”

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