Gin Ideal Talks ‘Beef with Bebe Cool, Why Kenya’s Female Musicians are in a Comfort Zone…

September 17, 2018

Fast-rising Kenyan songbird Virginia Maina a.k.a Gin Ideal quit the troubled Grandpa Records and signed up with Taurus Musik, which also includes top musicians such as Kagwe Mungai and Tanzania’s Lady Jaydee.

After dropping ‘Shuga’ in June, Gin Ideal is back a new ragga collabo with Ketchup called ‘Balance it.’

The ‘Rede’ hitmaker spoke about her new stable, musical journey, and alleged beef with Bebe Cool after she accused him of stealing her ‘Rede’ melody including the chorus.

You recently joined Taurus Musik, why?

I loved the fact that they focus more on African showbiz and have a wider reach and network across the continent – beyond just East Africa – and I felt it was time I spread my wings further.

Who reached out to the other?

It went both ways. My team got in contact with them and they had sought to work with me. The Taurus Musik CEO Ike Anoke was my friend even before I joined them. In my mind I knew that at one time I would work with them, so did they and so let’s call it perfect timing.

How does it feel to be a fast-rising artiste five years in the game?

The industry is a journey. You can’t break out in a year and be the in-thing. I’m still learning. I feel so good and appreciate that people are connecting with my music and journey. People can feel the hunger I have and the direction I want to go with my music. There is growth and progress.

Rede was your ‘It’ moment…

Yes it was. I’m always grateful to Wyre for the support because he helped my fan base grow. Truth be told at the time I didn’t have one, no one really knew about me. The remix brought me a whole new perspective of the industry and a lot has changed in my journey since.

Has your sound changed?

Yes it has. Starting out I was doing a lot of Zouk because I’m all about melodies and catchy hooks but that has since changed for my fans because it’s about them. I am more upbeat in my songs.

You recently toured Uganda; how were the fans there in reference to what Bebe Cool did to you?

The love was overwhelming and most people didn’t know what happened between us. The Rede remix with Wyre did so well in the country. I didn’t know that I have a big fan base there. They already love my new song Balance It.

So did you guys sort out the issue?

Well I can’t say much about it but we’re good now.

Talking of your new song Balance It, why ragga?

I don’t have boundaries in my music. I can do any genre but the decision to go ragga wasn’t influenced by my new label.

Do you have the social media pressure to live up to your music and expectations?

I just live my life. I don’t fake. My social media is all about me, fashion and good vibes.

Can we then say that fashion is your extravagance?

Yes it is. I used to be a model but I stopped. If I were a bit taller, I’d be dominating the runway.

What are the must-haves in your music?

Sweet melody from me and sweet strings from the producer.

Do you have the pressure to ‘sexualise’ your content?

Music is art and creativity is all about getting a certain image to get a certain perception. Most of the time, the true Gin Ideal character comes out in my act.

When do you have a creative streak?

Anytime I’m a creative head, but the best time my creativity strikes in is when I’m in the shower.

What can you say has been consistent in your music since day one?

I would say good vibes. When people listen to my music they may not love me but the song will change their mood in a certain way and give them happiness.

What is the wrong impression that people above about you?

People think I’m hyped up in person the way I am in my music but I’m a laid back person.

You’ve said in past interviews that female musicians are in a comfort zone, why?

Yes we are and that’s why some of us haven’t hit their potential. Moving forward I think we should do our thing and break the boundaries of what the society says we can and can’t do in our music.

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