Otile Brown: Vera is Playing Victim to Eradicate My Career

August 20, 2018

The next phase of the manufactured relationship between Otile Brown and Vera Sidika is currently in effect. After a whirlwind romance of about five months, the lovebirds have apparently broken up and as expected, it is somewhat ugly.

It started with Vera making an unnecessarily long statement claiming that Otile dumped her five days after he released his music video for Baby Love.

“I fell in love. I was a ride or die for him. I was faithful for him. I turned down hot guys, governors, president from different countries who wanted to date me because I’m not about that life anymore. My year started on clean slate. Full of positivity. I wanted to focus on business. Build an empire.

“Imagine after three years of turning down video offers that were paying well because I stopped being a video vixen, I went out of my way to do it for him. Then five days after the video, he says he doesn’t love me. It’s just funny,” Vera claimed in an Instagram post that she has since taken down.

Otile on his part has defended himself accusing Vera of playing the victim in a malicious attempt to paint him as a heartless guy.

“I promised myself that I won’t respond to the allegations until I realized that this was a mission to eradicate my career by making women hate me coz most of my following are women and yeah she’s succeeding,” posted Otile in a post that he too has since taken down.

Otile added: “She is playing victim and it’s unbelievable cos just a day before her posts we had a proper meeting and concluded everything as grownups coz the relationship wasn’t working for me.

“There is something she did that really turned me off and ever since the relationship has been on a sinking grounds, fights all the time and I could feel the distance between us even when we’re together, the love was fading away.”

“I believe she wrote all that not coz she’s hurting but coz she was afraid of what social media will say after realizing that we aren’t together and maybe have moved on with another queen.”

He went on to claim: “She’s trying to make me look heartless and a user so other queens would see me different and be cautious anytime am trying to make a move towards any.”

On the issue of Baby Love, Otile said: “After she heard BabyLove she loved it and asked to feature on it, she said it’s a nice response to the hate out there. At some point I even refused but after we went to Kisumu we discussed about it and I agreed. DON’T STEAL MY SHINE AND GLORY we’ve only dated for 5 months when I was already a star. Have been popping for 2 years straight.”

He also denied claims that he faked the relationship so he could use Vera for his music video.

“Jamani sasa mimi nimetokea kimziki ndani ya miezi mitano when have been here getting money and making hits, you got to know me from my music and style… It doesn’t make sense. So you mean I stayed in a relationship with someone I don’t have feelings for, for 5 months just to get a video with her… that’s shady and don’t make me look small maze you know am one of the greatest musical in the country,” ranted Otile.

“Coz you got more followers than me shouldn’t make you wanna steal my glory, this relationship was public and we’re both celebrities.”

He concluded: “Plz don’t try to hit me up nor tryna fix things coz you’ve sabotage everything and am shook how you can switch on me like that…got me scared of you.”

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