Not Again! Alchemist Nightclub Accused of Racism as Video of Incident is Leaked – Watch

August 27, 2018

The Alchemist Bar in Westlands, Nairobi has once again been accused of racism against Kenyans and non-Caucasians within their premises.

The high-end nightclub was first accused of using its security team to routinely deny entry to non-Caucasian clients in 2016. The allegations were posted on Facebook by one Wamathai who claimed that he and his friends were denied entry into the popular lounge on account of being non-Caucasian.

“At around 11pm Saturday night six of my friends and myself made our way to the Alchemist lounge in Westlands. However while at the entrance the bouncers informed us that we could not get in without giving a solid reason as to why, what shocked us more was that while we were still standing at the entrance trying to make sense of the situation, other ravers who were white were allowed entrance without any question,” said Wamathai two years ago.

Another Facebook user Dexter Findley, a white man, also claimed to have witnessed black people being turned away at the entrance or being thrown out the club or the dance floor, ostensibly to give whites space.

One of the owners, Peng Chen, who co-owns the club with his girlfriend -former TV anchor Michelle Morgan- would later issue a statement saying: “We cater to people of all races. We have employees from all races. Until last Saturday, we have never had any complaints about discrimination. We are sorry if these allegations are true and would love for the people affected to come and talk to us since no one has reached out yet.”

Well, that was two years ago, and the nightclub is on the spot once again after a racist incident last weekend.

The latest claim was made by a Twitter user, @Cynthia_Mbuthia, who says two of her friends were told by bouncers that they couldn’t stand in an area of the club because it was “only for Indians and wazungus”.

She also shared a short clip of the incident to substantiate her claims, adding that: “The bouncer laughed in their faces as if we couldn’t do anything about it, and in the moment we couldn’t, but I refuse to let racism slide.”

In response, the management of the club said they are taking responsibility and have “removed the accused individuals from our service.”

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