Media personality Jacquey Nyaminde, known as ‘Wilbroda’ from her character on seasoned comedy show ‘Papa Shirandula’, has opened up about her experience as a single mother.

The Milele FM presenter is a single mom to an 8-year-old boy, Xolani, after an amicable breakup with her boyfriend.

“We both knew that it was the best decision for us and our son, and I felt at peace,” says Wilbroda.

According to Nyaminde, her son, whom she describes as “the greatest gift I have been blessed with”, asks her tough questions, which she faces head-on.

“He’s growing and he’s very intelligent, so sometimes he will ask why his dad and I are not together. That is when you wish you had some help to explain it to him. I do my best though and never lie to him. I want him to get the truth from me.”

“His father is actively involved in his life, so he is the first father figure. I also have very responsible male friends who are always there for us. In addition, I do my best to love, provide and discipline him when the need arises, besides praying a lot,” she explains.

On matters dating, Nyaminde says it is quite challenging though she is not in a hurry to date.

“At the moment, I am not in a hurry. Dating is challenging because you meet someone and later realise  you cannot even introduce him to your son. Every major decision I make revolves around my son. If it is not healthy for him, it is not healthy for me,” she says.

Wilbroda adds that she’s lucky and immensely blessed: “I love his character. He is kind, loving, intelligent and funny. I pray he continues to be like that.”