I Discovered Dating Late, Dennis Itumbi Opens Up on Regret and Jacque Maribe

August 14, 2018

State House Digital Director Dennis Itumbi has once again cleared the air on his rumored romance with Jacque Maribe.

“I have stated this, and Jacque herself has also stated this for the longest time now, that we are not dating. People have always believed we are dating,” says Itumbi.

This comes a little over a month after the Citizen TV journalist got engaged to Joe Irungu.

Speaking about Maribe’s engagement, Itumbi said: “The proposal was actually to say, ‘We told you we are not dating’. So, is Jacque my very good friend? Yes, she is and I am her good friend. She is a person I can call any day, any time when I am in a problem and she will help me out immediately.”

He went on: “I am the kind of friend she would call when she has a puncture and she even knows my parents and I know her parents and friends. She knows where I live and I know where she lives but we are not dating. I think we dated more on the voices of print media and on the radio airwaves more than we actually had interacted.”

The former blogger even promised to support Maribe’s wedding plans.

“I am very excited that she said yes to the [proposal] and we will support her all through her marriage process from traditional marriage to the wedding. She is a very good friend. I met her in the media when I was working for People and she was at K24. That is how our friendship grew,” he said.

Itumbi also opened up about one of biggest regrets in life.

“I discovered dating very late and I really wish I had done that early in life. Today I would be a father of seven children. Something I would have done better is dating. I have kissed two or three beautiful women but I have never dated because to me that is something more intense.”

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