Boniface Mwangi Finally Settles All Campaign Related Debts

August 14, 2018

Last year’s Starehe MP aspirant Boniface Mwangi can now heave a sigh of relief having settled all his campaign-related debts.

The renown Kenyan activist made the announcement on social media yesterday, saying: “As of today, 13th August 2018, l have officially paid all my campaign related debts.”

” I feel so goooood! Am debt free,” he added.

Mr Mwangi, who lost the hotly contested Starehe seat to musician-turned-politician Charles Njagua alias Jaguar, further thanked everyone who supported his bid.

“To everyone who walked me on this journey, l have got mad, mad love for you. Thank you.‬”

Mwangi’s revelation comes two weeks after he recalled his first-time experience as a parliamentary candidate, disclosing how he ran out of money during the campaign period.

He penned:

“Every day, you wake up early and spend the day begging for votes, while your evenings are spent calling on people and attending dinners begging for campaign cash. Voters rush excitedly when they hear you’re in the area, smile and say how much they love you.

But the moment they realise you will not part with money, the fake smiles disappear, and they start insulting you and shouting your rivals’ names.

In many cases, political candidates start their ambitions to serve with good intentions, but the voters treat you like a cash cow and if you’re broke a communicable disease.  Even when you have no intention to bribe voters, like myself, campaigns cost money— staff, campaign merchandise, transport, compliance fees, etc.

You run out of money midway and no one is picking your calls, so you start selling personal things to raise more money (I sold my wife’s car).

You start smelling victory, but you have nothing left to sell and you go to a shylock and borrow some money (I did that too). Lose or win, the campaign ends with most candidates in debt.”

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