21 Year Old Natella is Talk of Town After Releasing Beautiful Single

August 9, 2018

Not much of worth happens in most people’s early twenties. And not much is expected anyway.

So it is quite a breath of fresh air when a 21 year old comes around with something pleasing to the ears. Incredibly talented singer Natella has caught our attention with a beautiful love song. The single is called, well you guessed it, Attention… and it surely is creating some waves.

It’s simple, addictive and importantly has lyrics suitable for all audiences, something that’s lacking with other new young artists.

Real name Judith Kwamboka Orare, she has announced her entry into the music space with a bang, and will likely go far. Her voice is a display of true talent, and she has that charming personality to complement it.

Natella says she gets her inspiration from Nigeria’s Seyi Shay, and Kenyan afro soul queen Dela Maranga.

So why the name Natella?

“The name Natella came from a book that we used to act called Caucasian Chalk Circle. Normally I played the part of the lady called Natella and so my friends started calling me that and it stuck till date…” she says.

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Listen to Attention below, which she says is based on her own personal experience with a lover that didn’t give her the attention she needed.

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