Miss Lang’ata Prison Ruth Kamande Converts to Islam Ahead of Sentencing

July 12, 2018

Ruth Kamande, the Lang’ata Women’s Prison inmate who was found guilty of killing her boyfriend in 2015, is days away from knowing her fate.

The Justice set the date on Wednesday, with Ms Kamande’s lawyer urging the court to hand a lenient jail sentence since the accused had “established a close relationship with God” after being locked up in 2015.

Justice Lesiit heard that Ms. Kamande had converted to Islam and had since become religious and prays five times a day. The advocate further told the court that the accused had enrolled to study theology education at the prison, an indication that her stay in custody had reformed her.

The court also heard that Ms. Kamande was the only child to her single mum after her younger brother passed on.

“When arrested, the 21 years old then had just been enrolled at JKUAT to study Business, a dream which was shuttered by the circumstances herein,” submitted her advocate.

The accused, who is said to have stabbed Farid Mohammed 22 times on September 20, 2015, in Buru Buru estate, further said that she is remorseful and regretted the incident.

However, the prosecution told the court that she did not show remorse during the trial and urged the judge to hand Kamande a death penalty as provided in law.

“The 24-year-old then, whose life was cut short is an orphan and had a task of providing for the rest of the family members, hence justice should prevail,” said the prosecution counsel.

Judge Jessie Lesiit set the date for the highly anticipated sentencing for Thursday, July 19, 2018.

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