Kilifi Woman Rep Wants Citizen TV’s ‘Tahidi High’ Banned From TV

July 18, 2018

Kilifi Woman Representative Gertrude Mbeyu has called for the abolishment of seasoned Citizen TV high school comedy-drama ‘Tahidi High.’

According to the lawmaker, the long-running dramedy is to blame for the immorality, indiscipline, and unrest among Kenya’s secondary school students.

She said the show, which airs every Tuesday night, promotes themes which she does not support as a parent and a leader.

“The program is really messing up our students who are watching this program; they imitate what ‘Tahidi High’ is showing in our TV and they will not go far as they learn what the program is showing,” Ms Mbeyu said.

The woman rep made the remarks at Barani Secondary School in Malindi during the Education Day hosted by area MP Aisha Jumwa.

Mbeyu also challenged Education Principal Secretary Belio Kipsang, who graced the event, to watch last Tuesday’s episode of ‘Tahidi High’  to see for himself all the proof he needs.

She promised to move a motion in Parliament to have the program banned from television.

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