PHOTOS: NYS Suspect Ann Ngirita Flaunts Tattoo in Court

June 6, 2018

As the NYS case continues in court, the scandal’s poster girl Ann Wambere Wanjiku Ngirita, has been providing the sideshows with her slay queen tendencies.

Ngirita, who appears to be enjoying life in the limelight, has been stunning Kenyans with her enviable millionaire lifestyle every time she steps out. From expensive designer clothes, gold jewellery, wigs that can make Otile Brown file for bankruptcy after trying to impress Vera Sidika, to well-manicured nails, Ngirita can slay.

Forget what they said that “Not all that Ngiritas is gold.” It’s no wonder that a guy in Meru has volunteered to serve time in jail on behalf of Ngirita.

In the latest episode of Keeping Up With Ngirita, the slay queen who is alleged to have received Sh59 million for supplying nothing to NYS, appeared in Court on Tuesday and as we have come to expect, she had to draw attention to herself, because fame can get into people’s heads I suppose.

During court proceedings, Ngirita baited news cameramen as she swiftly rolled up her left sleeve to show off her tattoo, a tribute to her dad. Written across her left forearm in calligraphy, the Daddy Ngirita ink also includes two birds.

Ngirita was in court to hear a ruling on her application for bail. It was denied, meaning Ngirita will remain in remand at Lang’ata Womens’ Prison until the end of her trial.

21 other suspects in the Sh469 million scandal were also denied bail, including Ngirita’s kin- Lucy Wambui Ngirita(mother), Phyllis Ngirita(sister), and Gicini Ngirita(brother).

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