Jail Me on Behalf of Beautiful Ann Ngirita, Smitten Meru Man Pleads

May 31, 2018

The poster girl of the mega corruption at the National Youth Service (NYS) Ms Ann Wambere Wanjiku Ngirita has an admirer who is willing to serve time on her behalf.

Amos Mugambi, a 30-year-old man from Mwiyo village in Igembe Central sub-county, Meru County, is thoroughly smitten by Ngirita and believes she is too beautiful to be in jail.

Therefore, he wants the government to release Ngirita and jail him instead, reports Citizen Digital.

“I’m pleading with the government that a woman known as Ann Ngirita… I am ready for any crime she has committed to be pinned on me. Even if that means a jail sentence of 100 years,” Mugambi is quoted as saying.

“I ask for her (Ngirita) to be released. That is not the face of someone that should be in jail. I am ready for a life sentence or execution by firing squad so long as she released.”

Mugambi added that his other wish is to meet Ngirita, who is alleged to have received Sh59 million for supplying nothing to NYS.

He said he did not know Ngirita before the scandal, saying, “I saw how the police raided her home and I do not think that was right. Let me be jailed on her behalf.”

It must be the side effects of Muguka talking!

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