Emmy Kosgei: My Husband Likes When I Wear Tight Clothes

June 12, 2018

Kenyan gospel musician Emmy Kosgei has made a startling revelation about how her husband loves to see her in tight clothes.

This is in sharp contrast to what the singer wears during concerts and church performances. Emmy, who is 22 years younger than her 60-year-old Nigerian husband, has usually maintained an image of long dresses that cover almost every inch of her skin.

According to her, she prefers a conservative dress code on stage so as to ensure nothing takes attention away from her ministry.

It’s not like I’m hiding anything, it’s just when I am singing in front of people I am very cautious of how I dress and I don’t want anything to take away the attention from my performance. Sometimes, the stage is high and if you wear short clothes you can disorganize the audience,” said Emmy.

However, when she is in the comfort of her home, Emmy said she wears fitting clothes because that’s what Anselm Madubuko likes.

In Lagos, I wear very fitting clothes because that is what my husband likes. But when I’m doing concerts I like flowing clothes because I am comfortable, I am free. I can lift my legs, I can jump and it’s still decent to everybody,” she said.

Emmy was speaking during an interview with Parents Magazine.

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