Dedan Kimathi’s Widow Lands Job in Governor’s Government

June 5, 2018
Mukami Kimathi(right), Nyandarua deputy governor Cecilia Mbuthia, and Nyandarua first lady, Ann Kimemia, during Madaraka day celebrations at Ol kalou staduim on Friday

Freedom fighter Mukami Kimathi, the widow of the late revolutionary fighter Dedan Kimathi, has landed a job in Nyandarua Governor Francis Kimemia’s government.

Mukami Kimathi, aged 88, is the governor’s new adviser. Her roles will also include championing peace and cohesion among residents.

Speaking during Madaraka Day celebrations in Ol Kalou Stadium on Friday,  Kimemia said Mau Mau veterans have to be recognised and honoured because of their selfless push to free Kenya from colonialism.

“As the governor, I’m permitted [to hire Mukami]. There is no one I cannot appoint in my government, either as an adviser or in any other capacity. I would like to work with Mrs Mukami so she can advise us as a mother,” Kimemia said.

The Governor said he informed Mukami of the decision before the event.

“Mukami, you are not too old to advise our county. Even if it is about keeping and praying for peace,” Kimemia said during the event.

Mukami accepted the job offer and thanked the County boss for celebrating the forgotten freedom fighters in society.

“The words spoken by the Nyandarua leader are not in vain. They are living proof that the county is keen to achieve progress. God bless you. May there be peace,” said Mukami.

She noted that shared prosperity can be a reality if every resident did their part to promote socioeconomic development.

Kimemia said his administration has signed an MoU with the National Museums of Kenya to build a Mau Mau facility and a prayer centre to “preserve the rich Mau Mau history”.

The county has also set aside 25 acres in Kinangop for the projects and a team has been set up to review the proposal.

Kimemia directed his press team to meet with the war veterans, interview them and document crucial information for future generations.

“We’ll make a good Mau Mau film so history is not lost, especially what happened in the Aberdares,” Kimemia said.

He appealed to the veterans “to bless Nyandarua, despite the little that has been done for you”.

“Bless our land, bless our soil and bless our children. If we put God first, we shall succeed.”

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