Youth Scandal: Can You Find the Youths in this Group of Youth Leaders from East Africa

May 31, 2018

It appears we might have another youth scandal on our hands. This after Kenyan online users noted with great concern the absence of young people in a photo of Youth leaders from the East Africa region.

The picture was shared on social media by Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs (CAS) Rachel Shebesh on Wednesday. The CAS met the youth leaders at the Kenya School of Government where she officially opened the National Youth Mainstreaming Workshop.

“The 3-day workshop brings together youth leaders from the East African region to deliberate on the Youth agenda,” posted Shebesh on Instagram.

However, it did not take long before online users questioned whether the workshop was to deliberate on the Ancestors agenda.

One user, honmundia asked, “Mhesh hapo kuna youth kweli?”

Another, donvictorsimon, commented, Unaita wazee vijana . Tiga gutukuwa wana.”

brayan_davies added, “The youths of yesterday.”

While Frankayub lashed out, “Politicians like you take us for a ride assuming that we’re gullible…”

_a.r.t.i.e.y_added, “Most of us, under 30, are unemployed but these are the youth the govt gets to work with. So unfair.”

“Where are the youth here? You are rubbing salt to the NYS wound. Very disappointed,” said ethelshanelle.

kate_prude.encial said, “Kenya is cursed, and you leaders are cursed too….where are youths here?? nonsense!!!”

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