This is How Much You Will Be Fined For Failure to Reverse M-Pesa Money

May 18, 2018

The next time you receive that M-Pesa message with money that does not belong to you, you might want to think really hard before deciding to spend it.

This is because failure to reverse a transaction done by mistake will attract either a hefty punitive fine, jail term or even both.

According to Computer and Cyber Crimes Act, 2018 which President Uhuru Kenyatta consented on Wednesday, culprits will pay a Sh200,000 fine or be jailed for two years, or both.

Section 34 of the Act indicates that a person who intentionally hides or holds electronic messages, electronic payments, credit and debit card details sent in error, commits an offence.

Section 36 targets a person who unlawfully destroys or aborts any electronic email or processes through which money or information is being conveyed.

In this case, the offender will pay the Sh200,000 fine or serve a jail term not exceeding seven years, or both.

The law also states that inducing any person in charge of electronic devices to deliver any electronic messages not specifically meant for someone is an offence.

Last year, a woman was sentenced to six months in prison for using Sh27,140 that was accidentally sent to her M-Pesa account.

Margaret Njeri was unable to pay the Sh40,000 fine for the offence and was imprisoned at Embu prison.

She was accused of stealing the money which Richard Mbui sent to her by mistake on December 7.

The Court heard that the complainant asked her to reverse the money but she withdrew it then switched off her phone to avoid being traced.

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