Teacher Arrested For Allegedly Recruiting Students into Lesbianism and Using Sex Toys on Them

May 21, 2018

A teacher at Asol Mixed Secondary School in Seme, Kisumu County is being held for allegedly recruiting her students into lesbianism.

The unidentified teacher was arrested last Friday after students reported that she had been using sex toys on them. The Standard reports that a parent at the school who exposed the teacher said at least 16 female students admitted to having been victims of the teacher’s acts.

The parent said he learned about the issue after students went on a strike when the school principal failed to address the matter.

“It started from one student confessing having been lured by the teacher to engage in the act in exchange for money, and the issue escalated with more students opening up,” said the parent.

The parent, who has since recorded a statement with police, said one of the students said the teacher had been inviting them individually to her house to help them with revision, before luring them with cash in order to accept her sexual advances.

“The student complained of abdominal pains, and we thought it was mere pains coming with the menstrual cycle. But the girl revealed what had been happening to her, which she said had become a norm,” he said.

The teacher was said to be convincing the girls to spend at her house in Kombewa Market Centre, where they were given goodies.

The distraught parent added that students who rejected the teacher’s advances were intimidated in class through unwarranted punishments.

Another parent said her daughter who has been in the school since 2016, exposed the teacher while confessing her sins in church.

“At one point I doubted if she was really going to the teacher’s house because the frequency was worrying. I thought she was using the teacher’s name to escape the home for her own businesses,” she said.

But last term, the girl shocked a church congregation after revealing she had been engaging in lesbianism with her teacher. She said she had seen light and wanted to repent.

The girl’s mother reportedly took up the matter with the school administration, which promised to investigate it and take appropriate action but nothing was forthcoming.

“We had even asked the principal to consider recommending the transfer of the teacher, but all was in vein. I was shocked when I went to school last week and the principal said he had little to do about the matter,” she said.

The school’s Principal, Joshua Nyatuoro, defended the teacher, saying he was convinced that some parents were out to spoil the name of the school.

“When I got the information, I did investigations internally and found nothing. But we know the person who has some hidden interests in the school and want to paint us negatively despite our good performance in the national examinations in the past few years,” he said.

Kisumu County Police Commander John Kamau confirmed that the teacher was being held at Kombewa Police Station.

He said five students have since recorded statements in relation to the matter, and police were putting final touches ahead of presenting the teacher to court.

“Out of the five students who recorded statements, two said they were victims of the teacher’s acts, while the others said the teacher has been pursuing them but they were yet to engage with her,“ he said.

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