Spain’s La Liga Embraced Swahili and Couldn’t Keep Calm on Social Media – Photos

May 4, 2018

“Hakuna matata” may very well be the only Swahili phrase that many people outside of East Africa have ever heard, but in recent years more foreigners have continued to show an interest in the Bantu language.

In fact, the National Museum of African Art in Washington, D.C. is using a 4-foot-tall humanoid robot named Pepper to explain the meaning of Swahili words and phrases that appear in its artworks. More on that later.

The latest to join the Swahili frenzy is Spanish football league, La Liga, which has embraced the language in updating their social media statuses.

It made the announcement on Instagram, posting: “Mambo Vipi, La Liga inaongea Kiswahili.”

Another post announced that Barcelona had won the title for a record 25th time. It read: “FC Barcelona wametwaa ubingwa wa 25 katika historia ya La Liga.”

This is an attempt by La Liga to reach out to the Spanish League followers in Africa, especially Swahili-speaking natives in East Africa.


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