#NYSscandal: Kenyan Calculates How Long Ann Ngirita Should Be Jailed

May 30, 2018

Following the arrest and subsequent arraignment of NYS scandal suspects in Court yesterday, Kenyans are keenly following the case with hopes of seeing the culprits jailed and most importantly, stolen monies recovered.

One of the more popular persons of interest in the case is the scandal’s poster girl Ms Ann Wambere Wanjiku Ngirita, who supplied nothing to the National Youth Service and earned a handsome Sh59 Million.

She was arrested on Monday together with three members of her family at their home in Lake View Estate in Naivasha and transferred to Nairobi.

And as she gears to stand trial, Kenyans have already started envisioning the appropriate punitive measures the Court should take against her.

In fact, one online user went a step further and calculated just how long Ms Ngirita should be jailed or fined for pocketing Sh59 million unlawfully.

Using the Principle of Proportionality, the user did the calculations based on facts of a recent case in which a former Huduma clerk was fined Sh500,000 for receiving a Sh2500 bribe.

Justina Syonzua Malela was last week Thursday found guilty and fined the amount or serve two years in jail.

Based on that, here is the hypothetical fine or jail term Ms Ann Ngirita should face.

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