Joy as Bahati’s Daughter is Discharged From Hospital

May 11, 2018

Bahati’s wife Diana Marua is thanking the Heavens for the swift recovery of their daughter Heaven after a bout of illness.

The couple’s three-month-old baby girl was hospitalised at the Gertrude’s Children’s Hospital on Wednesday. The “Ching Ching” singer had his fans worried after taking to social media to announce that Heaven was unwell.

Without disclosing what she was ailing from, Bahati shared a heartbreaking picture of Diana Marua looking after Heaven by her hospital bed.

He captioned it: “Am Praying that you get discharged Get Well Soon @HeavenBahati,” as his worried fans said a prayer for Heaven.

On Thursday, Heaven was back to her best as revealed by Diana Marua hours before they were discharged.

“We are overwhelmed by the massive support, prayers and kind words ushered to us and especially to Baby Heaven! Seeing my baby unable to be herself, my jokes didn’t make her smile and neither did the kisses was heartbreaking,” said Marua.

She added: “He who is above is Greater and Mighty, He answers prayers! Today, my baby is back to her gear like never before, joyful and playful on another level. Thank you God and Much appreciation to all of you who prayed with us and supported us.”

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