Why Muthoni Drummer Quuen is Pissed Off By Kenyan Media

April 12, 2018

Muthoni Drummer Queen is not too happy with Kenyan media and has made her feelings known in a social media rant.

Apparently, two of the singer’s scheduled interviews were canceled at the last minute due to reasons MDQ thinks were unprofessional.

While she did not reveal which media houses, the ‘Criminal’ singer revealed that one of the interviews was canceled because a presenter forgot to schedule the interview.

In the second incident, producers allegedly cancelled because MDQ’s entourage was too large.

Muthoni, who is fresh from launching her album ‘She’, faulted Kenyan media for downplaying local talents in favour of international and Nigerian artists.

She sarcastically noted that the said media houses would not forget to schedule the likes of Mr Eazi and Rick Ross.

MDQ’s rant read:

“To be Kenyan and to deal with the media is extreme sports. This morning both our interviews are cancelled.

The 1st one the presenter dint bother to book us in. The second one the producers says me plus my assistant, publicist are too many people

Such ‘madharau’ for us. I bet they won’t ‘forget’ to schedule in Mr Eazi or Rick Ross or complain that they would move in with their respective teams. Such disregard for our time. Just people out here being mediocre and making this our problem.

Imagine they have cancelled when we are literally on the way. Like 5 minutes ago. Nonsense!”

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