DJ Creme de la Creme Was Asked For a Link to the Illuminati..This Was His Response

April 12, 2018

KTN’s DJ Crème De La Crème has for the umpteenth time been linked with the Illuminati, a mysterious secret group that conspiracy theorists believe is seeking a ‘New World Order’ that would impose a totalitarian world government.

The popular DJ has been linked to the group ever since he started flashing the reported Illuminati triangle sing, which is said to represent the all-seeing eye of horus/satan.

The claims popped up again recently when a fan reached out to the entertainer for a link to the group that is said to make people insanely wealthy.

In his response, Creme dismissed the Illimunati decribing it as a hoax and offered an alternative to attaining success in life.

He wrote: “Breaks My Heart Sometimes when I get such Texts.. Forget about this Illuminati Hoax.. Put in Work, Put in Time in Improving Your Self, Learn Everyday & Pray To God, The Provider of Wealth. Keep At It and You’ll Do Just Fine.”

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