Watch: American Hip-hop Mogul P Diddy Hints at Kenyan Visit (VIDEO)

April 10, 2018

Award-winning rapper and business mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs, also known by his stage names Puff Daddy, Puffy, P. Diddy, Diddy, Brother Love and Love, could be the next A-list International star to visit Kenya.

The rapper dropped the hint via a Twitter post by longtime friend Naomi Campbell on Sunday April 8.

In the clip, the hip-hop mogul is seen expressing his love for the Nigerian dance group of underprivileged/homeless children -Dream Catchers- and his plans to tour Africa.

Although the itinerary and dates of the tour are yet to be announced, P Diddy named Kenya amongst the several African countries he will be visiting later in the year.

‘’My sister Naomi… I love you, everything you are doing for our people… you are a true, true queen… this is our mood right here… we going to Nigeria, we going to Kenya, Ivory Coast, Senegal… yeeeaaaaah….Africa we’re coming,’’ says an excited Diddy.


If you are as excited about seeing Diddy as he is about seeing you, the time to start saving is now, as the rapper doesn’t come cheap. With a net-worth of about $825 million, Diddy held the number one spot as Forbes’s Richest Hip-Hop Act for seven consecutive years before being toppled by Jay-Z in February.

Kenyans on social media were of course excited by the news and were gracious in welcoming the rapper back to the motherland.

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