Second Kisumu Man Goes on Hunger Strike Until Miguna is Returned

April 4, 2018

Another Kisumu man has joined the hunger strike started by an activist last week protesting the deportation of Miguna Miguna.

Paul Mark, a Mamboleo resident in Kisumu, has now joined Boniface Akumu Ogutu in camping at the Kondele roundabout to demand that NRM’s self-styled ‘General’ be brought back by the Government.

Mark started his hunger strike on Monday morning in solidarity with Boniface who claims he last ate on Thursday last week.

The two activists promised to continue going without food until the government obeys court orders.

They said that they are also working on petitions to present to various government institutions.

“We believe the hunger strike is the way to go and we will be having night vigils and also demonstrations because the government must respect the constitution,” said Mark.Mark noted that the hunger strike is not just about Miguna Miguna citing a number of injustices which he claimed the government has committed against innocent Kenyans.

“There are a lot of injustices in our country and this is not just about Miguna Miguna. The people who killed an innocent Kenyan like lawyer Willy Kimani, the Meru University student leader among other Kenyans, have never been brought to book,” he said.

“What happened to Miguna Miguna can happen to anyone of us and that is why we must fight it now before it spirals out of control.

“We are hoping that Kisumu governor Anyang’ Nyongo will also join us even for a single night vigil. We will not relent in our quest to ensure that the constitution is respected,” said Mark.

For Ogutu, the strike will help root for the return of the ‘General’ and also promote peaceful protests as they seek to compel the government to obey laws.

“I do not care even if I die of hunger. I have been very unhappy with the way the state has been abusing the rule of law,” said Ogutu.

Miguna has since responded to Ogutu, thanking him for his commitment.

“The #NRMKe comrades thank Mr. Boniface Akumu for showing total commitment to the struggle. However, I urge him and others not to die. Instead, we must ORGANISE, MOBILISE and REMOVE the despots from their illegitimate positions of power,” wrote Miguna on Twitter.

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